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Invitation to Tender

Travelling to Wellbeing, Exchange House's mental health project in partnership with Offaly Traveller Movement and West Cork Travellers, is undertaking a research programme to be provided during 2014/2015 and wishes to engage an external consultant(s) for the service.

The overall aim and main focus of the research is to explore what a culturally appropriate response to Traveller mental health would be, taking into account the following considerations:

  • Explore experiences specific to Travellers which may be linked to mental health issues.
  • Explore with Travellers what a culturally appropriate mental health service could look like.
  • Document and analyse the ways of working used by the T2WB so far since the beginning of the project and the impact that this has had on the participants and the wider Traveller community.
  • Review the tools, methods and approaches which the service has developed.
  • Identify and report on the impact of the service on Travellers and the statutory and voluntary sector with a focus on referral pathways and outcomes.
  • Look at the cost and benefits of the service.
  • Identify and analyse the key strengths and challenges of the service.
  • Evaluate and analyse the sustainability of the service.
  • Produce a final report to publication standard.

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