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Sunia Geel 2 Final Conference

Exchange House has been delighted to work in partnership with five other organisations across Europe as lead partner on Sunia Geel 2, EU project.

The Sunia Geel 2 project has been running since March 2013 with organisations ANUP International – Romania, IEIE – Germany, CESIE – Italy and Verein Multi-Kulturell – Austria.

The goal of this project is to provide a framework to reduce violence against women and children of marginalised ethnic communities and ensure that their needs for safety and support are met. Over the course of two years all partners have worked together

  • To develop a deeper more evidenced based understanding of the needs of service users from minority groups in relation to professional service provision.
  • To empower women and children by increasing their skills base to help them make informed choices for a better future
  • To build the capacity of marginalised communities and service providers to initiate and promote change within their own environments that will enable them to address the issue of DV and uphold the rights of women and children. This will also include working with men to address the root cause of DV, raise awareness and challenge violent behaviours that affect women and children.
  • To respond to women and children experiencing DV by providing emotional and practical support in a culturally appropriate way.

To conclude our work on the project, Exchange House Ireland is bringing together all of our European Partners to share their practice and learning in relation to Domestic Violence. Ms Sharon O’Halloran, Director at Safe Ireland, will give the keynote address, discussing the work of Safe Ireland and the situation pertaining to the experience and prevalence of domestic violence in Ireland.

Download the conference programme


Date: 5th February, 2015

Time: 10.30 – 2.30pm

Venue: Exchange House Ireland, Great Strand Street, Dublin 1

We would be delighted if you and/or members of your teams could join us for this interesting and informative event.

For more information on the project Sunia Geel 2 please check out the project website

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