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Celebratory AA Open Meeting this Wednesday in Exchange House Ireland

To celebrate five successful years of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at Exchange House Ireland, we are hosting an Open Meeting next on Wednesday, April 11th. The meetings which take place every Monday night at 6 pm, in our offices at 61 Strand Street Great, are open for Travellers and settled people. The event will be an opportunity to hear both AA and AL Anon speakers provide their experiences, knowledge, and advice for those facing alcohol addiction, supporting family or friends, or working in the area of addiction. In addition, there will be a panel discussion where members of the audience can ask questions and seek advice from the speakers and experts on the panel. Refreshments will also be served.

Information is as follows

Event: Open AA Meeting

Location: Exchange House Ireland, 61 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1.

Time: 11 am – 1 pm

Cost: Free

For more information please contact Anne on 087 154 8380, Joan 086 3200 760 or Exchange House Ireland on 01 872 1094

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